Jan –Feb 2008





Olympic Sports On Phonecards 5pcs CTT-JZ

PUZZLE Polish Stamp POPE 2pcs

PUZZLE Lighting Olympic Flame Greek Stamp On Phonecard

Puzzle Barcelona Olympic Stamp Football 2pcs

Puzzle Barcelona Olympic Stamp Stadium 2pcs

Pierre de Coubertin Founder of the Int’l. Olympic Committee Stamps on Phone cards 3pcs

Butterfly Stamp 12pcs Puzzle P40/P43/P45

Prague Bridge Stamp 2pcs Puzzle P43 

Pope John II Stamp 2pcs Puzzle P44

Mushroom Stamp 4pcs Puzzle P46

Orchid Stamp 4pcs PUZZLE HN-JZ-197-07-P47 

- Prague Bridge (B) CZ stamp on Card 2pcs PUZZLE JZ-17990- P17

-Prague KAFKA stamp on Card 2pcs PUZZLE JZ-17990- P18

-Panda Stamp on Card 4pcs PUZZLE 179990-JZ-P12

- Fish Stamp on ph cards 4pcs CTT-JZ-17990-P63

- Old Telephone stamp on Card 4pcs JZ-17990-P40

-Tree Frog stamp on ph card 8pcs PUZZLE JZ-17990-P21  \

- Frog CSSR Stamp on Ph card Puzzle 8pcs CTT-HN-JZ-17990-P45 

- Asia Elephant SL Stamp On Card Puzzle 8pcs CTT-JZ-17990-P61

- Africa Elephant Ugd Stamp on card 8pcs PUZZLE JZ-17990-P36

- Forest Elephant Gabon stamp on ph card Puzzle 8pcs JZ-17990-P64

- Penguin Stamp on card Puzzle 8pcs JZ-17990-P47

- Butterfly PNG stamp on Card 8pcs PUZZLE JZ-17990-P33

- Sea Shell Stamp On Phone card 8pcs Puzzle JZ-17990-P23

- Parrot tamp on ph cards PUZZLE 8pcs JZ-17990-P56

– Parrot SVT stamp on card 8pcs PUZZLE-JZ-17990-P27-30    . 

- OWL stamp on ph card 8pcs puzzle JZ-17990-P13-16


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Czech Train 4pcs P41

Train (Turkey Czech Poland etc) 8pcs HN-CTT-JZ07-197-P28

Chinese Train 8pcs CTT-JZ-07-P32

Steam Train 4pcs China Tietong HN 100ex

Train 6pcs China Tietong CTT-HN-06-P12-100ex

Train 8pcs China Tietong CTT-06-17990-P11

China Steam Train 6pcs China Tietong BJ 200ex mint

Train China 1st set Chip Ph card of Railcom 6pcs unused


Train 10pcs China Tietong BJ

PUZZLE Train 4pcs Tietong Prepaid plus Chip Cards

Turkey Trains 4pcs HN CTT-06-197200-P24

Train 10-pcs GXCTT-XY-06-9

Train 20pcs China Satcom (A-B)

Train 8pcs Puzzle

Steam Trains 4pcs PUZZLE Tietong HN-197-06-P17

Steam Trains 4pcs PUZZLE Tietong HN-197-06-P18

Tibet Railway 20pcs China Satcom


Airline (Turkey Portugal Spain Iraq etc) 8pcs HN-CTT-JZ07-197-P27

Air planes (airlines) 8pcs CTT-JZ-07 P31

Helicopter puzzle 4pcs X 6 sets (24pcs)

Aircrafts 80pcs China Stacom

Air planes 4pcs China Tietong CTT-HN-P1 100ex

Czech Air Plane 1pcs CTT-2006-197200-P17-300ex

Airlines planes 10pcs Tietong NNCTT-06-5

Airline Planes 9pcs CTT-HN-06-P13-100ex

Pakistan Airline, Czech Air, Slovaka Air, Lufthansa, Sky air, Ethiopia air, Swiss air, Malaysia Air, New Zealand Airline.

Airplane A380 + Hawaiian airline 8pcs Puzzle 


Car 12pcs with W Zodiac GX

Clasicial car 4pcs China Satcom FJ

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Tibet Dogs 8pcs China Tietong BJ 200ex

Dogs 10pcs China Tietong BJ 200ex

Dogs 4pcs Telecom GXTNN-05-88

Dogs 6pcs Telecom GXTNN-05-89

Famous Dog 4pcs Tietong NNCTT-2005-39

Dog and Calendar 4pcs China GXTNN-05-87

Dog 12pcs China Unicom CUHT-P19

DOG 10pcs Tietong LZCTT-XY-2006-1

Dog 2pcs Tietong CTTGX-IP-2005-4

Puzzle Happy Dog Year 4pcs Telecom NP-MC-79

Dog 4pcs HB05-32 China Unicom Hubei

Dogs 4pcs GX CTT-XY 2006-7

Dogs 10pcs GUILIN XY_2006-3

Dog Old Paintings 4pcs China Telecom GXT-05-16

PUZZLE Dog 9pcs China Telecom GX

Dog with 06 Calendar 12pcs CTT Xingjiang

Dog 2pcs Tietong CTTGX-IP-2005-4

Dogs 4pcs China Telecom GXTNN-2005-91

Dogs 12pcs China Telecom Nanping

Dog 6pcs China Telecom JDZ-201-J99

Dog 6pcs China Telecom GX

PUZZLE Dog 9pcs China Telecom GXTGL-ZY-06-8

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PUZZLE Tiger Dragon etc 16pcs NNCTT-2005-37

Tiger 8pcs Puzzle JTCTT-05-03 BJ 200ex

Tiger Puzzle 8pcs JTCTT 06-14

Tiger 8pcs China Tietong CTT-HN-06-P8-100ex

Tiger 8pcs China Tietong CTT-06-17990-P12

Panda Puzzle 12pcs JTCTT-05-02 BJ 200ex

PUZZLE Panda 9pcs China Telecom GXTGL

Frog 8pcs China Tietong HCCTT

Eagle 8pcs China Telecxom GX

TIGER 9pcs GXCTT-XY-06-10

PUZZLE Owl 8pcs China Unicom

PUZZLE Tiger 6pcs China Unicom

Eagle 10pcs Unicom CUHT-JT59

Leopard 10pcs Unicom CUHT-JT60

Turtle 10pcs China Tieting LZCTT-2006-09

Horse 10pcs China Tietong GX Nanning

Horse 6pcs

Happy Animals Dog Cat etc 6pcs Telecom GXTIP-MO-05-6

Animals 12pcs GUILIN XY-2006-5

Panda 8pcs JTCTT 06-13

Bear 8pcs Tietong HCCTT 2006-8

Tiger 12pcs 12pcs China Telecom PDS

Tiger 10pcs LZCTT-XY-06-10

Penguin 10pcs China Tietong GX

Ladybug 4pcs China Toetong GX

Bee dragonfly bug 4pcs China Tietong GX

Fish 14pcs LZCTT-XYCH-07-07 

Lion 5pcs NNCTT-QYJG-07-01 

Animals 5pcs CTT-GX

Monkeys 4pcs China Satcom FJ

Frog 4pcs PUZZLE Tietong HN-197-06-P13

Fox 4pcs China Telecom GX

Lady Bug 4pcs China Telecom GX

Dragonfly 4pcs China Telecom GX

Tiger 8pcs CTT-HN-JZ-07-P11\

Tiger 10pcs JLCCL-4 China Telecom

White Tiger 10pcs JLCCL-3 China Telecom

Sea Shell 12pcs china Telecom GXTGL-CT-07-10

Panda 4pcs China Telecom GXTGL-ZY-07-14


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Eagle 8pcs Puzzle JTCTT-05-04 BJ 200ex

Owl 6pcs China Tietong CTT-HN-06-P16-100ex

OWL Puzzle 6pcs JTCTT 06-04

OWL 4pcs China Tietong CTT-HN-P7 100ex

Kingfisher birds 4pcs China Telecom GXTNN

Owl 6pcs China Tietong HN-197-06-P12

Owl 8pcs CTT-HN-JZ-07-P12
Owl Kingfisher Parrot 8pcs CTT-HN-JZ-07-P18

Kingfisher Parrot etc Birds 10pcs GX CTT

Frog 8pcs China Tietong JTCTT

PUZZLE Red Dragonfly 4pcs P14

- Parrot tamp on ph cards PUZZLE 8pcs JZ-17990-P56

– Parrot SVT stamp on card 8pcs PUZZLE-JZ-17990-P27-30    . 

- OWL stamp on ph card 8pcs puzzle JZ-17990-P13-16

- Dove 12pcs China Telecom Jiangxi (JA)



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BUTTERFLY 8pcs CTT-HNJZ17990-P1-100ex

Butterfly 8pcs Puzzle JTCTT-05-05 BJ 200ex

Butterfly 8pcs China Tietong CTT-HN-06-P7-100ex

Butterfly 8pcs China TietonG CTT-06-17990-P3

Insect I Moth Bee etc 8pcs China Telecom ZZ-06-3

Insect II Ant fly etc 8pcs China Telecom ZZ-06-14

BUTTERFLY Metal Phone card 1pc CTT-HN-P2

Butterfly insect 10pcs China Stacom Jiangsu 200ex

Butterfly 8pcs China Tietong HN CTT-06-17990-P17

Butterfly 10pcs China Tietong GLCTT-06-08

BUTTERFLY 4pcs Die-cut China Telecom Si-mao

Butterfly 4pcs PUZZLE China Telecom CQ06-VC-4

BUTTERFLY 4pcs Die-cut China Telecom Si-mao

Butterfly 8pcs China Tietong GX

Butterfly 4pcs China Tietong GX

Butterfly 4pcs China Telecom Hunan

Butterfly 4pcs China Telecom HNL-200-MB-23

Butterfly 4pcs China Satcom FJ

Butterfly Stamp 12pcs Puzzle P40/P43/P45

Butterfly 4pcs PUZZLE Tietong HN-197-06-P9

Butterfly 4pcs PUZZLE Tietong HN-197-06-P10

Butterfly 4pcs PUZZLE 06-P11

Butterfly 8pcs 06-P8

Butterfly 4pcs China Telecom GX

Butterfly 4pcs China Telecom GX

- Butterfly PNG stamp on Card 8pcs PUZZLE JZ-17990-P33

Butterfly 12pcs China Telecom GXTGL-ZY-07-13



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2006 FIFA CUP Germany 10pcs China Satcom

NBA Basketball 8pcs HCTT-06-2

FIFA Football 18pcs GLCTT-XYCH-07-7 



Marilyn Monroe 10pcs China Unicom CUSD-HYTG3

Diana 10pcs China Unicom CUSD-HYTG4

POPE John II 8pcs China Tietong JTCTT

Movies 4pcs China Satcom FJ

Movies M:I:III 1pc China Telecom Wuhan City


PUZZLE Tibet Railway 10pcs China Unicom

PUZZLE Establish PR China 8pcs China Unicom

PUZZLE Garfield Cat II 6pcs China Unicon

PUZZLE Butterfly 4pcs CTT HN-06-P40

PUZZLE Great Wall 6pcs CTT HN-06- 

PUZZLE Terra Cotta 6pcs CTT-HN-06-P

Chinese Zodiac 12pcs CTT-HN-06-P33

Coca Cola 1pc Unused in Original Package


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PUZZLE teapot 4pcs China Telecom GX

Transparent Chip Phonecard Girl 1pc Telecom Wuhan

Transparent phonecard 4pcs Dogs Telecom Wuhan

Transparent phonecard Swan 3pcs Tietong Chip

Chinese Zodiac 12pcs P15

Chinese Zodiac 12pcs 200-P47

Chinese Steam Train 8pcs 200-P46

Old Chinese Train 3pcs Puzzle Telecom Shanghai

Clock 2007 Prague Fair 4pcs PUZZLE HN-197-P-300ex

Mushroom 10pcs CTT-GX




200 euro for 50 empty albums (fold) Price incl. postage


Garantice teletarjetas verdaderas de China.

Garantir de vraies telecartes de Chine.

Garantieren Sie wirkliche Telefonekarten von China.

Garantire le carte telefonici reali di Cina.

Garandeer echte telefoonkaarten van China.

Garanta credifones reais de China.




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