2005 International Phone Card Fair in South Africa






Dear fellow Phonecard collector,



Over the past few years I have made friends with you and had the opportunity to purchase swap or just communicate with you, enjoying a common hobby of phonecard collecting. Some of you I met in France,  last year (SIT 2004)


I am also the president of our phonecard club in South African, known as the African Telately Association (ATA). Unfortunately our website administrator died a few months back and we have not been able to update our site. Good news is that we should be creating a new site in a month or so. Watch out for www.telately.co.za in the future.


The main reason why I’m writing this letter to you is to tell you about our exciting International phonecard Fair to be held in South Africa during AUGUST 2005, in Boksburg (Gauteng).


Since 1999, bi-yearly we (ATA) have had a “Phonecard fair” in different Provinces of South Africa, 1999 – Cape Town, 2001 - Pretoria and 2003 – Durban and in 2005 the heart of South Africa – GAUTENG. This was limited to South African collectors only. For 2005 we have decided to invite all interested members from the ever decreasing “Global Village”


Over the next few months our Committee will be working flat out to prepare for the event. It will be on the weekend of the 6-7 August 2005, combining with a few Philatelists and Numismatists collectors. Furthermore there will be tables for related hobbies such as cigarette cards etc etc. A total of 50 tables will be provided.


This is an event not to bemissed. We are offering you an opportunity to book a table (1800x900mm) for the two day fair. All it will cost you is approximately 10 Euros for the two days to trade (subject to final table hire prices).


Why don’t you visit our lovely Country for a Holiday during August 2005 and include a little phonecard trading. Who knows you may just make a few Euros to visit the famous Kruger National Park.  We would love to host you as an International guest. Accommodation near the Hall is under negotiation and transport from Johannesburg International Airport will be arranged. The Hall is approximately 10KM's’from Johannesburg International Airport. On the Saturday evening there will be a formal dinner at a local Hotel. The cost for the meal will be in the order of 15 Euros per person.


Please share this message with your local club members, friends and fellow collectors.

If you require further information or want to book a table, your 10Euros would be enough to reserve a table for you. You can send the money directly to me and I will reply via Email.


Regards for now.



Warwick Stobrawe 



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