Collector trade fair 2006 Final Report

Record Number of Collectors at the Collector Trade Fair in Prague

13,655 collectors of postage stamps, historical postcards, coins, banknotes, minerals and telephone cards from the whole country and from abroad gathered from September 15th – 17th at the Prague Fair Grounds, where the 9th Annual Collector (Sberatel) International Trade Fair was held.

     To the great joy of the 214 exhibitors from 32 countries, this year’s fair broke the old attendance record by nearly two thousand visitors. Visitors to the trade fair were not only able to see the most expensive and rarest Czechoslovak stamp, ceremonially exhibited to the public after several decades by the collector Ludvík Pytlíček, but they also could, for example, weigh in their hand a one-kilogram bar of pure gold at the stand of the Austrian Mint or evaluate designs of the Czech Euro at the Czech Mint stand.

     Collector is the biggest meeting of collectors in Central and Eastern Europe, and many companies issue commemorative collectors’ rarities specially for the trade fair. This year, the Czech Post and such postal services as those of Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Nations Postal Administration had specially cancellation rubberstamps made for the Collector Trade Fair. Also available for purchase was a special Chinese telephone card intended for this year’s Prague trade fair.

     As in the past, visitors could have their stamp, coin, banknote, telephone card or precious stone collections appraised free of charge by the certified experts present.

     This year’s Collector Trade Fair drew a great response in the press, radio and television.

     This year the presenter, the company Progres Partners Advertising, obtained the opinions of exhibitors and visitors. The surveys indicated that both groups, apart from some exceptions, were exceptionally satisfied. You can read the statements of the exhibitors here.

     As far as the visitors are concerned, a sampling of 277 randomly chosen visitors showed that fully 40% of them had visited the fair more than once and that 90% of them were satisfied with the offerings of the exhibitors. The trade fair was not just for Prague’s citizens, as was shown by the fact that only 37% of the visitors were from the City of Prague, most of whom came on Sunday. Forty percent were from outside of Prague and 18% (one out of six) were from abroad. Of the total number of respondents, only two percent said they would not attend the trade fair next year. The ages of the visitors were interesting. 54% were under age fifty, and one visitor out of twelve was under age thirty. For detailed results, click here.

     The Jubilee Tenth Annual Collector Trade Fair will again be held at the Prague Fair Grounds on September 14th – 16th, 2007.

     More information for exhibitors and visitors will be promptly published on this website www.ppa.cz

Jindřich Jirásek
Trade fair director
Progres Partners Advertising Ltd.


Please visit: http://www.ppa.cz/?page=sberatel_en